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Employment lawyer consultation guide written by Bow River Law LLP in Calgary, Alberta.
A Guide to Employment Lawyer Consultation in Calgary, Alberta

When facing employment issues, finding the right legal support is crucial. At Bow River Law, we offer experienced employment law…

10 July 2024
Contractor or Employee legal matters can be helped by Bow River Law in Calgary.
Drug Test Policy Upheld As Reasonable Re Cannabis = Just Cause

In Quong v Lafarge, 2024 ABKB 340, an employer had just cause to terminate an employee for failing a drug test and then refusing to follow drug policy

18 June 2024
A construction worker that has been affected by covid-19
Unreasonable Employer Actions Violate Alberta Employee Rights

In ATCO v CEWA, 2024 CanLII 37038, ATCO demanded a post-incident drug test and more, which in this case breached the employee’s privacy rights.

7 May 2024
Employment Contracts Drafting and Review, including Negotiation by Calgary Employment Lawyers
Cant Have Your Employment Contract Cake and Eat it Too

In Klyn v Pentax Canada Inc., 2024 BCSC 372, an employer breached an employment contract and was not allowed to rely on the termination clause

22 April 2024
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Is Dufault the New Waksdale?  Ontario Court Strikes Termination Clause

In Dufault v Ignace, 2024 ONSC 1029, a termination clause was considered unenforceable because of its standard for just cause and “sole discretion” wording

11 March 2024
ABCJ Ignores Probation Clause Where Employer Did No Review

In Holmes v Progressive Wellsite, 2023 CarswellAlta 3273, the Alberta Court of Justice found wrongful dismissal despite a probationary termination clause

12 February 2024
Employment contract guide by award-winning workplace law firm, Bow River Law LLP.
Employment Contract Guide by Award-Winning Calgary Workplace Law Firm

Looking to navigate the complexities of employment contracts? Our comprehensive guide, brought to you by an award-winning Calgary workplace law…

8 February 2024
ABCJ rules Employer’s Vax Policy Reasonable and Justifiable

Van Hee v Glenmore Inn, 2023 ABCJ 244 is an Alberta Court of Justice case where a constructive dismissal based on unpaid vaccination leave failed.

27 November 2023
New Alberta Resignation Wrongful Dismissal Case
New Alberta “Resignation” Wrongful Dismissal Case

In Stonham v Recycling Worx, 2023 ABKB 629, an employee was found to be wrongfully dismissed despite the employer argument that he resigned.

13 November 2023
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Constructive Dismissal in Alberta: The Ultimate Guide

In the realm of employment law, constructive dismissal is a concept that is both complex and consequential. For employees in…

24 September 2023
Severance Review Services including Reasonable Notice Employment Law Services by Bow River Law LLP.
Plotnikoff Re-Affirms Key Employment Law Principles in Alberta

In Plotnikoff v Associated Engineering Alberta, 2023 ABCJ 200 (Higa) the Alberta Court of Justice awarded severance, rejecting two defenses

18 September 2023
Severance Review Negotiation legal services by employment lawyers in Calgary.
I’ll Avoid Your Employees If You Avoid Mine

Competition Act changes came into effect in June, 2023, which make it a criminal conspiracy to enter no-poaching and price fixing deals with other employers

28 August 2023

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