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Size of Employer A Factor In Interpreting Employment Contract?

In Lawton v Syndicated Services, the court interpreted an employment contract in favor of an employer, it seems in part because it was a small company.

25 January 2022
Gender (Female) A Factor In Big Alberta Severance Award

Cordeau-Chatelain is a new Alberta case where a middle manager was awarded 18 months reasonable notice severance, in part because she is female

10 November 2021
Two business men discussing bonuses and severance payments
24 Months Severance + Discretionary Bonus Awarded

Schaufert v Calgary Co-Op is a new Alberta case where the court awarded 24 months reasonable notice plus discretionary bonuses as severance.

28 September 2021
Disgruntled woman receiving improper pay.
Employer Made to Pay Bonus It Said Was “Discretionary”: Hy Pham Case

The employer declared a bonus early in the year. They paid half but said the rest was discretionary and they did not have to pay it. The court disagreed.

10 June 2021
Disgruntled woman receiving improper pay.
Constructive Dismissal Strikes Again! Kosteckyj A Win for Employees (Mostly)

A compensation cut was constructive dismissal, and the timing was the date of the cut.

7 April 2021
Employers Under Attack! Matthews v Ocean (SCC): The Most Significant Employment Law Decision in a Decade?

Matthews v Ocean Nutrition, 2020 SCC 26 is a Supreme Court of Canada decision that came out at the end…

24 March 2021

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