Incentive Pay

Size of Employer A Factor In Interpreting Employment Contract?

In Lawton v Syndicated Services, the court interpreted an employment contract in favor of an employer, it seems in part because it was a small company.

25 January 2022
Gender (Female) A Factor In Big Alberta Severance Award

Cordeau-Chatelain is a new Alberta case where a middle manager was awarded 18 months reasonable notice severance, in part because she is female

10 November 2021
Two business men discussing bonuses and severance payments
24 Months Severance + Discretionary Bonus Awarded

Schaufert v Calgary Co-Op is a new Alberta case where the court awarded 24 months reasonable notice plus discretionary bonuses as severance.

28 September 2021
Disgruntled woman receiving improper pay.
Constructive Dismissal Strikes Again! Kosteckyj A Win for Employees (Mostly)

A compensation cut was constructive dismissal, and the timing was the date of the cut.

7 April 2021
Employers Under Attack! Matthews v Ocean (SCC): The Most Significant Employment Law Decision in a Decade?

Matthews v Ocean Nutrition, 2020 SCC 26 is a Supreme Court of Canada decision that came out at the end…

24 March 2021

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