Sexual Assault Grievance Timelines Not Always Extended in Alberta

In Alberta v AUPE, 2022 CanLii 45552, an Alberta Arbitrator found he did not have authority to extend CA grievance timelines in sexual assault case.

8 August 2022
Successful DFR Case Explains Union Obligations in Alberta

In Abay v CLAC, 2022 (ALRB), the CLAC union was found to have breached its Duty of Fair Representation to a member employee in Alberta.

25 April 2022
Worker that has been injured and harassed by his employers
Just Cause for Dismissal Found for Recycling Scavenger

Just cause for termination found respecting an Alberta employee who scavenged bottles and then ignored a direction to properly get rid of them.

12 January 2022
OPG v PWU: Employer to Pay Cost of COVID-19 Rapid Tests

Ontario arbitration case found that an employer had to pay for rapid antigen tests for its unvaccinated employees.

22 November 2021
UFCW v Paragon: Employer’s Mandatory Vax Policy Upheld

UFCW v Paragon is a new Ontario decision where an arbitrator found that a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy imposed by an employer was valid.

15 November 2021
A woman who is stressed out because of covid-19 lay-offs and dismissals
Horrocks (SCC) Case: Alberta Human Rights Game Changer?

Horrocks (2021 SCC 42) deals with concurrent jurisdiction of labour arbitrators and human rights commissions for human rights matters in unionized settings.

2 November 2021
Professor of a university sitting on a desk
Professor Seeks Judicial Review Over Denial of Promotion

An Associate Professor who was denied promotion to full Professor appealed Brandon University’s denial decision to court and had it overturned.

15 September 2021
Union workers that have experienced a breach in DFR.
Union Didn’t Realize Employee Fired = Breach of DFR

UFCW did not realize a union member had been terminated, and they failed to grieve it. ALRB ruled it was a breach of the Duty of Fair Representation.

17 August 2021

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