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Alberta Regulatory Organizations list by Calgary Employment Lawyers

Different Alberta Regulatory Organizations

Many occupations in Alberta are regulated by a professional college or association.  These professions / regulatory bodies include:

Bow River Law’s lawyers are skilled and experienced at handling professional regulation matters in Alberta, including professional college complaints.

What are Employees Obligated to Do in Calgary Workplace?

What are Employees Obligated to Do?

If you are found guilty of professional misconduct in Alberta, that could mean many negative things for you, including:

  • Loss of your job (termination of employment)
  • Loss of license to practice your profession (suspension or revocation)
  • Loss of personal and professional reputation
  • Being forced to pay a fine or even for the cost of an investigation and hearing
  • Having a reprimand decision published with your name on it

If you have been advised that a complaint has been made against you to your professional college in Alberta, you should get in contact with us  as soon as you can, so we can give you legal advice and help you through it. In situations where complaints of unprofessional conduct have been made against you, we can help you:

  • Navigate the process of being investigated by your employer or professional body;
  • Fight charges against you by your professional body;
  • Negotiate a penalty deal with your professional body, rather than going to a full hearing.
Cautionary Notes for Workplace Employment Law in Calgary

Cautionary Notes

  • Failing to cooperate with an investigation into your professional behavior by your regulatory college or association can make things much worse in some cases.  If the professional body decides after a hearing to sanction or penalize you, your willingness or failure to cooperate during the investigation can be the difference between a lenient punishment and a harsh one
  • With the right legal guidance, there are often steps a professional can take to reduce the likelihood of a harsh punishment by the professional body for professional misconduct.  Let us help you.

Professional Regulation FAQ

  • Someone made a complaint to my professional college about me. What should I do?

    If you have a complaint of professional misconduct against you, chances are your employment is in jeopardy and your professional college is investigating as well. You should speak to an employment lawyer right away to help you through this.

  • What can I do if my professional college wants to investigate me for professional misconduct?

    Your professional college is usually allowed to investigate you for professional misconduct, and you are generally required to cooperate with the investigation. However, if you are under investigation you should get a lawyer as soon as possible to advise you and help you protect your rights and interests.

  • What happens if my professional body finds me guilty of professional misconduct?

    If your professional body finds you guilty of professional misconduct, you could be liable for a whole range of penalties, including a published decision, education courses, financial penalties like fines and having to pay the cost of the hearing, or even having your license suspended or revoked. Often the penalty can be negotiated with the professional body.

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