Wrongful Dismissal & Unjust Dismissal Services

Wrongful Dismissal or Unjust Dismissal Process by Calgary Lawyer focusing on employment law in Alberta.

Wrongful Dismissal Process

Are you an Alberta employee who has been fired?  Are you concerned you might be entitled to more notice or severance pay than your employer is offering you?

Wrongful dismissal is always dismissal without cause.  If an employer has just cause for dismissal, then it is not a wrongful dismissal and the employee is not likely entitled to severance. If you have been wrongfully dismissed, you are likely entitled to at least some amount of severance.

The lawyers at Bow River Law are skilled and experienced at handling a wide variety of employment dismissal matters as legal counsel for employees and employers. This of course includes legal services to employees and employers for Wrongful Dismissal.

If you have recently experienced a dismissal from employment in Calgary or elsewhere in Alberta, let us help you determine your entitlements and fight for them.

Wrongful Dismissal Unjust Dismissal Process by Calgary Lawyers at Bow River Law LLP.

Unjust Dismissal Process

What is “Unjust Dismissal”? “Unjust dismissal” is a little bit different than wrongful dismissal. Unjust dismissal generally means the dismissal without just cause of an employee whose employment is federally regulated. Federally regulated industries include things like banks, telecommunications, airlines, etc.

The lawyers at Bow River Law have experience dealing with unjust dismissal matters. If you are a federally-regulated employee and your employment has been dismissed, we may be able to help you get a substantial severance, or in some cases even reinstatement to your previous job. Let us help you.

Cautionary Notes for Workplace Employment Law in Calgary

Cautionary Notes

  • Just because your employer has decided to terminate your employment does not mean you are powerless;
  • Even if your employer does an investigation and concludes they have “just cause” to terminate your employment, you are not powerless. Employers do not get to decide if they have just cause or not- that is for the courts to decide.  We are experienced at making strong arguments that an employee has been wrongfully dismissed or unjustly dismissed and providing representation for those dismissed employees;
  • We are experienced at representing employers in wrongful dismissal and unjust dismissal cases as well- let us know what is going on and we should be able to help you.

Wrongful Dismissal / Unjust Dismissal FAQ

  • Can my employer just terminate my employment without a good reason?

    Usually non-unionized employees can be terminated without a reason, as long as the employer provides you notice or severance. However, sometimes the circumstances of how you were terminated is not allowed, and in the case of federally-regulated employees like pilots, telecommunications workers or bank employees, just cause is often required. Speak to an employment lawyer to understand if your termination was illegal and/or if you got enough severance.

  • Is Wrongful Dismissal Illegal?

    Wrongful dismissal is not illegal.  Wrongful dismissal just means that the employer has not given you enough notice of dismissal, and so they are required to pay you severance.

  • If I am a federally regulated employee who was dismissed, how do I file an unjust dismissal complaint?

    We can help you file an unjust dismissal complaint against your employer.  Some public information is available at Employment and Social Development Canada.

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