Good Faith

$5k In Costs Awarded in Human Rights for Poor Litigation Conduct

Fisher v Devolbren, 2022 AHRC 79 is a new Alberta Human Rights case where an employer tried to use intimate photos to embarrass the complainant

15 August 2022
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The Matthews Hammer Swings Again: Termination Clause Ignored

Humphrey v Mene is a new Ontario case where a termination clause was invalidated in part because of an employer breach of the employment contract

12 October 2021
Man that has experienced damages due to an unjust dismissal.
“Thin Skull” Aggravated Damages in Wrongful Dismissal?

Younesi v Kaz Minerals Project BV, 2021 BCSC 614 is a new wrongful dismissal decision out of British Columbia involving…

11 August 2021
Woman receiving a letter confirming a dismissal from her job.
Employers Beware of Alleging Just Cause! The Ojanen case

An employer alleged just cause and acted harshly. It was slammed with a general damages award of $118,000 and a punitive damages award of $25,000.

7 June 2021
Employers Under Attack! Matthews v Ocean (SCC): The Most Significant Employment Law Decision in a Decade?

Matthews v Ocean Nutrition, 2020 SCC 26 is a Supreme Court of Canada decision that came out at the end…

24 March 2021

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