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When facing employment issues, finding the right legal support is crucial. At Bow River Law, we offer experienced employment law…

10 July 2024
AHRC Guidance On Screening Function Post Complaint Conduct
Single Sexist Comment Is Not Just Cause

Sterling Crane v IUOE Local 955, 2024 CanLII 46844 is an Alberta arbitration decision where an arbitrator found there was no just cause for dismissal

9 July 2024
New Alberta Resignation Wrongful Dismissal Case
Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Penalties Found Reasonable

Neustaedter v Alberta, 2024 ABCA 238 is an Alberta Court of Appeal decision where OHS fines against a company and some employees were upheld

2 July 2024
Workplace Gaslighting and Employment Law in Alberta

Uncover the insidious tactics of workplace gaslighting and explore the legal parameters available under Alberta employment law. In recent years,…

12 June 2024
Paramedics Warned For Slow Response Win Grievance

In AHS v HSAA, 2023 Canlii 21614 (Lehmond and Middleton), two paramedics were given written warnings for a response time. That was overturned.

11 April 2023
I Know What You Did… Over Your Lunch Break

In Teamsters v Sobeys, 2023 CanLii 4464 (AB GAA), a grievance arbitrator ruled that Sobeys was allowed to have video cameras in the staff lunchroom

6 February 2023
Alberta Post Incident Drug Test Unreasonable Invasion of Employee Privacy

In Fort Mckay Logistics, Fort McMurray Teamsters, 2022 CanLii 78227 (P Smith), an employee failed a post-incident drug test but cause was not upheld

19 September 2022
Manager Vendetta = No Just Cause And Increased Notice Period

In Baker v Weyerhaeuser, 2022 ABCA 83, the Alberta Court of Appeal found no just cause and increased notice period due to the Manager’s vendetta.

21 March 2022
Rude Texts Used to Find After-Acquired Just Cause

Golob v Fort St. John is a BC case where a court found just cause for termination in part due to inappropriate texts the employee sent from his cellphone

7 December 2021
Nurse Too Rough = Unprofessional Conduct

An LPN was found guilty of unprofessional conduct for using inappropriate physical force and communicated inappropriately with a dementia patient.

9 September 2021
Just Cause Under Attack! Haack v Secure Energy (Drilling Services) Inc Making It Harder for Employers to Get to Just Cause

The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench case Haack v Secure Energy (Drilling Services) Inc., 2021 ABQB 82 (Woolley J) is…

17 March 2021

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