Expert Evidence Not Required for Mental Distress Damages?

Krmpotic v Thunder Bay Electronics, 2024 ONCA 332, a $50,000 aggravated damages award was upheld despite there being no expert evidence.

21 May 2024
Employment Contracts Drafting and Review, including Negotiation by Calgary Employment Lawyers
Cant Have Your Employment Contract Cake and Eat it Too

In Klyn v Pentax Canada Inc., 2024 BCSC 372, an employer breached an employment contract and was not allowed to rely on the termination clause

22 April 2024
Who Do You Work For? The One With The Money!

In 1605511 Alberta Ltd. v Director of Employment Standards, several different corporations were found to be a single employer for termination pay

16 April 2024
ABKB Unreported – No Failure to Mitigate

Calhoon v J. Quartly Trucking Ltd. (2024) (ABKB), is an unreported ABKB decision where a labourer with 6 years’ service was awarded 8 months notice

25 March 2024
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Is Dufault the New Waksdale?  Ontario Court Strikes Termination Clause

In Dufault v Ignace, 2024 ONSC 1029, a termination clause was considered unenforceable because of its standard for just cause and “sole discretion” wording

11 March 2024
ABCJ Ignores Probation Clause Where Employer Did No Review

In Holmes v Progressive Wellsite, 2023 CarswellAlta 3273, the Alberta Court of Justice found wrongful dismissal despite a probationary termination clause

12 February 2024
constructive dismissal employment law in calgary, alberta
Alberta Release of Human Rights Upheld on Judicial Review

In Caponero v AHRC and Kaizen Auto, 2024 ABKB 2, the ABKB found a termination release was not unconscionable

10 January 2024
Wrongful Dismissal Unjust Dismissal Process by Employment Lawyer in Calgary
Employment Dismissal: The High Price of Being Not Nice

In Koshman v Controlex Corporation, 2023 ONSC 7045, an employer was nasty in its termination of an employee, and the Court made an example of them

19 December 2023
Worker that has been injured and harassed by his employers
Employee Beaten Up Then Interrogated = No Just Cause

In Ketch v Meadow Lake Mechanical, 2023 SKKB 241, a co-worker relationship ended in employment dismissal, purportedly for just cause.

20 November 2023
constructive dismissal employment law in calgary, alberta
Big Alberta Summary Judgment Despite Just Cause Defense

In McDonald v Sproule, 2023 ABKB 587 (Marion) an employee won a large severance using summary judgment instead of a trial process

23 October 2023
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Constructive Dismissal in Alberta: The Ultimate Guide

In the realm of employment law, constructive dismissal is a concept that is both complex and consequential. For employees in…

24 September 2023
Employer Fails in Attempt to “Change Horses” To Just Cause

In Alayew v Council for Advancement of African Canadians, 2023 ABKB 113, an employer fired without cause and was not allowed to change its mind

2 March 2023

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