Pregnancy Discrimination Maternity Leave Employer Obligations Under Alberta Human Rights Act
A Guide to Human Rights Law and Workplace Discrimination in Alberta

Learn about the complexities of human rights law and workplace discrimination in Alberta with this comprehensive guide. Human rights law…

15 April 2024
Employment Policy Drafting Reviews by Workplace lawyers in Calgary, Alberta.
Accommodation For An Alberta Human Rights Hearing

In JD v City of Calgary, 2024 AHRC 49 a complainant was allowed an in-person hearing but refused an accommodation request to record the hearing

8 April 2024
pregnancy discrimination guide by calgary alberta employment law firm.
New Biggest Human Rights Damages Case in Alberta

Oliva, Pascoe, and Strong v Gursoy, 2024 AHRC 45 is an Alberta human rights decision with the highest general damages award in AB history, among other things

19 March 2024
Employment contract guide by award-winning workplace law firm, Bow River Law LLP.
Employment Contract Guide by Award-Winning Calgary Workplace Law Firm

Looking to navigate the complexities of employment contracts? Our comprehensive guide, brought to you by an award-winning Calgary workplace law…

8 February 2024
Alberta Human Rights – Higher Accommodation Standard?

In Pratt v West Coast Reduction, 2023 AHRC 97, discrimination was found even though the employee could not have returned to his previous role.

11 December 2023
How To Tell Contractor or Employee in Alberta.
Racist Comments In Team Meeting Not Poisoned Workplace

Tolentino v HMK Alberta, 2023 AHRC 112 is a case where an employer took steps to avoid a discrimination award after racist comments by one person

7 December 2023
AHRC Guidance On Screening Function Post Complaint Conduct
AHRC Guidance On Screening Function and Post-Complaint Conduct

In Gittins v Peddie Roofing, 2023 AHRC 103, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal partially overturned a Director dismissal and provided valuable direction

10 November 2023
Pregnancy Discrimination in Alberta Workplaces: A Guide

Pregnancy discrimination is a serious issue that can have devastating effects on pregnant individuals and their careers. In Alberta, Canada, there are…

2 November 2023
AHRC Says Shop Talk Banter Not Always Discrimination

In Wentland v Pac Masonry, 2023 AHRC 95, the AHRT ruled that some of the negative treatment of a pansexual employee was not discrimination, some was

30 October 2023
Workplace Investigations by Calgary Employment Lawyers Being Investigated
Case Illustrates Discoverability Does Not Apply In Alberta Human Rights

Ng v Athabasca University, 2023 AHRC 94 (Oshionebo) is a new decision where a human rights complaint was barred for being filed too late

25 September 2023
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Constructive Dismissal in Alberta: The Ultimate Guide

In the realm of employment law, constructive dismissal is a concept that is both complex and consequential. For employees in…

24 September 2023
Unconscious Racial Bias Found In Alberta Police Case

In John v Edmonton Police Service, 2023 AHRC 87, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal found unconscious bias on the basis of race in how force was used

4 September 2023

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