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Administrative, Employment Law, Labour
Professor Seeks Judicial Review Over Denial of Promotion

An Associate Professor who was denied promotion to full Professor appealed Brandon University’s denial decision to court and had it overturned.

15 September 2021
Professional Regulation, Workplace Investigations
Nurse Too Rough = Unprofessional Conduct

An LPN was found guilty of unprofessional conduct for using inappropriate physical force and communicated inappropriately with a dementia patient.

9 September 2021
Discrimination, Human Rights
Dismissal Due to Budget Cuts Can Still Be Discrimination

A disabled employee was dismissed due to budget cuts, but the CHRT found that the dismissal was also discriminatory and awarded her damages.

2 September 2021
woman experiencing harassment in the workplace.
Discrimination, Harassment, Human Rights
“Shop Talk” Not An Excuse: Sexual Harassment Found

A female employee was who sexually harassed at a construction site was awarded $20,000 in general damages for pain and suffering.

25 August 2021
Man receiving unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.
Harassment, Just Cause
Any Sexual Assault Very Serious- Dupont Case Overturned

ABQB said the trial judge analysis should have started with a finding that sexual assault is always at the higher end of the spectrum of sexual harassment.

23 August 2021
Union workers that have experienced a breach in DFR.
Duty of Fair Representation, Labour
Union Didn’t Realize Employee Fired = Breach of DFR

UFCW did not realize a union member had been terminated, and they failed to grieve it. ALRB ruled it was a breach of the Duty of Fair Representation.

17 August 2021

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