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COVID-19, Labour
OPG v PWU: Employer to Pay Cost of COVID-19 Rapid Tests

Ontario arbitration case found that an employer had to pay for rapid antigen tests for its unvaccinated employees.

22 November 2021
COVID-19, Labour
UFCW v Paragon: Employer’s Mandatory Vax Policy Upheld

UFCW v Paragon is a new Ontario decision where an arbitrator found that a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy imposed by an employer was valid.

15 November 2021
Incentive Pay, Severance, Wrongful Dismissal
Gender (Female) A Factor In Big Alberta Severance Award

Cordeau-Chatelain is a new Alberta case where a middle manager was awarded 18 months reasonable notice severance, in part because she is female

10 November 2021
A woman who is stressed out because of covid-19 lay-offs and dismissals
Discrimination, Human Rights, Labour
Horrocks (SCC) Case: Alberta Human Rights Game Changer?

Horrocks (2021 SCC 42) deals with concurrent jurisdiction of labour arbitrators and human rights commissions for human rights matters in unionized settings.

2 November 2021
Business women outside of court house in employment law case.
Discrimination, Human Rights
Absenteeism Termination Found To Be Discrimination

In Smorhay v Goodfellow, the employer terminated employment due to absenteeism, but those absences had been related to human rights grounds.

26 October 2021
Pregnant woman under stress from employer.
Discrimination, Human Rights
Employer Discriminated Despite Not Knowing About Pregnancy

In Turnbull, an Alberta employer fired an employee instead of accommodating them. They did not know she was pregnant, but it was still discriminatory.

19 October 2021

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