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Expert Evidence Not Required for Mental Distress Damages?

Krmpotic v Thunder Bay Electronics, 2024 ONCA 332, a $50,000 aggravated damages award was upheld despite there being no expert evidence.

21 May 2024
Zarooben Case
The Human Rights Price Tag of Pepper Spray Discrimination

John v Edmonton Police, 2024 AHRC 79 is a human rights damages hearing regarding an incident where black men were pepper sprayed by police.

14 May 2024
A construction worker that has been affected by covid-19
Unreasonable Employer Actions Violate Alberta Employee Rights

In ATCO v CEWA, 2024 CanLII 37038, ATCO demanded a post-incident drug test and more, which in this case breached the employee’s privacy rights.

7 May 2024
Employers Unlikely to Get Costs In Alberta Human Rights

Karpetz v Syncrude, 2024 AHRC 64 is an Alberta Human Rights decision where an employer won a human rights case but was not awarded costs

30 April 2024
Employment Contracts Drafting and Review, including Negotiation by Calgary Employment Lawyers
Cant Have Your Employment Contract Cake and Eat it Too

In Klyn v Pentax Canada Inc., 2024 BCSC 372, an employer breached an employment contract and was not allowed to rely on the termination clause

22 April 2024
Who Do You Work For? The One With The Money!

In 1605511 Alberta Ltd. v Director of Employment Standards, several different corporations were found to be a single employer for termination pay

16 April 2024
Pregnancy Discrimination Maternity Leave Employer Obligations Under Alberta Human Rights Act
A Guide to Human Rights Law and Workplace Discrimination in Alberta

Learn about the complexities of human rights law and workplace discrimination in Alberta with this comprehensive guide. Human rights law…

15 April 2024
Employment Policy Drafting Reviews by Workplace lawyers in Calgary, Alberta.
Accommodation For An Alberta Human Rights Hearing

In JD v City of Calgary, 2024 AHRC 49 a complainant was allowed an in-person hearing but refused an accommodation request to record the hearing

8 April 2024
What are Fiduciary Employees Responsible For in Alberta?
That Ain’t Fair – ABCA on Fair Disclosure for Post Secondary Discipline

Penn v St. Stephen’s College, 2024 ABCA 99 describes an individual’s entitlement to procedural fairness in the context of a post-secondary expulsion.

2 April 2024
ABKB Unreported – No Failure to Mitigate

Calhoon v J. Quartly Trucking Ltd. (2024) (ABKB), is an unreported ABKB decision where a labourer with 6 years’ service was awarded 8 months notice

25 March 2024
pregnancy discrimination guide by calgary alberta employment law firm.
New Biggest Human Rights Damages Case in Alberta

Oliva, Pascoe, and Strong v Gursoy, 2024 AHRC 45 is an Alberta human rights decision with the highest general damages award in AB history, among other things

19 March 2024
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Is Dufault the New Waksdale?  Ontario Court Strikes Termination Clause

In Dufault v Ignace, 2024 ONSC 1029, a termination clause was considered unenforceable because of its standard for just cause and “sole discretion” wording

11 March 2024
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