Human Rights

Man and woman discussing fixed term employees.
AHRC Strict on 30-day Reconsideration Time Limit

In Cunningham v Bims Car Wash, 2023 AHRC 25, the Alberta Human Rights Commission said it had no discretion to extend the reconsideration timeline

13 March 2023
AHRC Case: Mistrust Over Health Benefits, But No Perception of Disability

In Khatami v Legislative Assembly Office, 2023 AHRC 22 is a new Alberta human rights case where there was no perceived disability found

8 March 2023
A woman who is stressed out because of covid-19 lay-offs and dismissals
Another $30k General Damages Award in Alberta Human Rights

In Thieven v Sherlock Clothing, 2023 AHRC 9, an employee with Crohn’s disease was demoted for being low energy and it was found to be discrimination

20 February 2023
self-employed or employee
Sexual Harassment Claim Denied Based On Credibility

In Omeltchenko v Alberta, 2023 AHRC 18, the AHRT denied a human rights gender discrimination (sexual harassment) claim on the basis of credibility

17 February 2023
AHRC Decision Shows Its Hard For Employer to Get Costs Award

In Kahlon v CNRL, 2022 AHRC 140, the tribunal seemed to condemn the complainant’s failure to comply with a production order but didn’t rule on costs.

3 January 2023
Eggs With A Side of Discrimination

Korkomaz v Cora Breakfast and Lunch, 2022 AHRC 126, is a new Alberta Human Rights decision where a cook was fired after providing a doctor’s note

28 November 2022
Highest AHRT Award for Pain and Suffering?

In McCharles v Jaco Line Contractors, 2022 AHRC 115, the Alberta Human Rights Commission awarded $50,000 in pain and suffering for sexual harassment

24 October 2022
AHRT: Employer Requiring Medical Docs for RTW Not Discrimination

Hansen v City of Calgary, 2022 AHRC 112 is an Alberta human rights case where an employee unsuccessfully argued failure to accommodate

17 October 2022
Complainant’s Death and Lack of Affidavit Didn’t Prevent AHRC Victory

In Davies v PSA Construction, 2022 AHRC 98, the complainant was successful in her discrimination claim despite having little of the typically required evidence.

5 September 2022
Triple Hearsay Not Reliable Enough in Alberta Human Rights

Khumbah v Community Living Alternative Services Ltd., 2022 AHRC 91 re-affirms that reliable evidence of discrimination is required in AB human rights

29 August 2022
$5k In Costs Awarded in Human Rights for Poor Litigation Conduct

Fisher v Devolbren, 2022 AHRC 79 is a new Alberta Human Rights case where an employer tried to use intimate photos to embarrass the complainant

15 August 2022
Alberta Skip Driver Wins Discrimination Claim Against Restaurant

In Haverluck, 2022 AHRC 75 a Skip driver won a discrimination complaint against Burger Boy after it refused to give him drink trays for orders with only 1 drink (he has one arm). 

2 August 2022

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