Just Cause

Worker that has been injured and harassed by his employers
Employee Beaten Up Then Interrogated = No Just Cause

In Ketch v Meadow Lake Mechanical, 2023 SKKB 241, a co-worker relationship ended in employment dismissal, purportedly for just cause.

20 November 2023
constructive dismissal employment law in calgary, alberta
Big Alberta Summary Judgment Despite Just Cause Defense

In McDonald v Sproule, 2023 ABKB 587 (Marion) an employee won a large severance using summary judgment instead of a trial process

23 October 2023
Employee Records Employer and Co-Workers For Ten Years = Just Cause

In Shalagin v Mercer Celgar, 2023 BCCA 373 the BCCA found the Employer had after-acquired just cause for dismissal as a result of secret recordings

23 October 2023
Dishonest Employee Hammered With Huge Judgment In Favor of Employer

Breen v Foremost Industries., 2023 ABKB 552 is a new Alberta decision where an employee sued for wrongful dismissal, but the employer turned the tables

13 October 2023
Employer Fails to Prove Just Cause after Firing Employee Over Mask Violations

In Buchanan v. Weiss-Johnson Sheet Metal Ltd., 2023 ABCJ 207, an employer terminated its employee for cause for refusing to put on a mask at work.

2 October 2023
Female RT Sexually Harassed and Was Racist = Just Cause

In HSAA v AHS, 2023 CanLii 37831 (ABGAA), a female respiratory therapist with long service harassed a male coworker. Just cause for dismissal upheld.

19 June 2023
Bus Driver Teaches Passengers Lesson and Gets Fired

In Diversified Transportation v Teamsters Local 362, 2023 CanLii 32700, a bus driver slammed on the brakes to scare the passengers into sitting down

12 June 2023
Paramedics Warned For Slow Response Win Grievance

In AHS v HSAA, 2023 Canlii 21614 (Lehmond and Middleton), two paramedics were given written warnings for a response time. That was overturned.

11 April 2023
Employer Fails in Attempt to “Change Horses” To Just Cause

In Alayew v Council for Advancement of African Canadians, 2023 ABKB 113, an employer fired without cause and was not allowed to change its mind

2 March 2023
Employer Making Up Misconduct Backfires Stupendously

In Chu v China Southern Airlines, 2023 BCSC 21, an employer tried to manufacture just cause for dismissal. The employee received big damages

9 January 2023
Can I Record That? Admissibility of Recordings in Employment Cases

In Rooney v GSL Chevrolet, 2022 ABKB 813, an employee secretly recorded a meeting. The Court ruled it was admissible evidence.

13 December 2022
No Just Cause Despite Touching Bum and Torso and Not Admitting It

In AUPE, 2022 CanLii 100939 (AB GAA) Oct 31, 2022), an arbitration panel found no cause where an employee touched a co-worker inappropriately and then denied it

7 November 2022

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