Just Cause

Manager Vendetta = No Just Cause And Increased Notice Period

In Baker v Weyerhaeuser, 2022 ABCA 83, the Alberta Court of Appeal found no just cause and increased notice period due to the Manager’s vendetta.

21 March 2022
Just Cause For Employee With Angry and Rude Outburst

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal upheld a just cause termination for an employee who had an angry and rude outburst with his boss.

19 January 2022
Worker that has been injured and harassed by his employers
Just Cause for Dismissal Found for Recycling Scavenger

Just cause for termination found respecting an Alberta employee who scavenged bottles and then ignored a direction to properly get rid of them.

12 January 2022
3 Months Severance and $10k Damages for 17 Year Old Dishwasher

Bass v Boston Pizza, 2021 ABPC 315 is a new Alberta decision where the employer’s just cause argument failed and the short-term employee did well.

21 December 2021
Rude Texts Used to Find After-Acquired Just Cause

Golob v Fort St. John is a BC case where a court found just cause for termination in part due to inappropriate texts the employee sent from his cellphone

7 December 2021
Man looking at legal forms through a magnifying glass
The Matthews Hammer Swings Again: Termination Clause Ignored

Humphrey v Mene is a new Ontario case where a termination clause was invalidated in part because of an employer breach of the employment contract

12 October 2021
Man receiving unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.
Any Sexual Assault Very Serious- Dupont Case Overturned

ABQB said the trial judge analysis should have started with a finding that sexual assault is always at the higher end of the spectrum of sexual harassment.

23 August 2021
Woman receiving a letter confirming a dismissal from her job.
Uplifting Just Cause Case – GiVogue

GiVogue is a recent case where the court found there was no just cause for termination and awarded 5 months’ severance to a short-service office manager.

6 July 2021
Woman receiving a letter confirming a dismissal from her job.
Employers Beware of Alleging Just Cause! The Ojanen case

An employer alleged just cause and acted harshly. It was slammed with a general damages award of $118,000 and a punitive damages award of $25,000.

7 June 2021
Man being fired from his job with no just cause.
Employees Under Attack! Jegou Helps Employers with Just Cause

Jegou is a new Alberta case which found just cause for dismissal of an on-site paramedic who handled a stroke incident poorly.

25 May 2021
Man receiving unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.
Sexual Harassment and Just Cause – The Dupont Case

Dupont v Ag Growth International, 2021 ABPC 118 is a new Alberta case about what level of sexual harassment is just cause for dismissal.

11 May 2021
self-employed or employee
Human Rights Alberta- Kvaska case – Alcoholism and Human Rights Accommodation at Work

Kvaska v Gateway Motors (Edmonton) Ltd., 2020 AHRC 94, is an Alberta Human Rights Commission decision which came out at…

31 March 2021

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