What are Fiduciary Employees Responsible For in Alberta?
That Ain’t Fair – ABCA on Fair Disclosure for Post Secondary Discipline

Penn v St. Stephen’s College, 2024 ABCA 99 describes an individual’s entitlement to procedural fairness in the context of a post-secondary expulsion.

2 April 2024
Professional Discipline – ABCA Case on Penalty and Evidence Standards

In CPAA v Mathison, 2024 ABCA 33, the maj of the Alberta Court of Appeal substituted a license revocation for suspension. Dissent said no misconduct

5 February 2024
ABCA Slaps Down Another Professional Discipline Costs Order

In Jinnah v Alberta Dental Association, 2022 ABCA 336, the Alberta Court of Appeal provided direction on costs orders in professional discipline cases

31 October 2022
Hard Patient Doesn’t Excuse Unprofessional Conduct of LPN

Re Abudi (LPN #38762) is an Alberta professional discipline case where a licensed practical nurse used force on a challenging dementia patient and was suspended

2 October 2022
Charter Challenges not Enough to Stop University Vaccine Policy

Seneca College, 2022 ONSC 5111 is an Ontario case where students failed to get an injunction to stop a university COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

26 September 2022
Respect the Judge! Alberta College of Paramedics Punishes Member

In Alberta College of Paramedics v Ayton (April 12, 2022), a paramedic was rude to her professional college and was very severely punished

13 June 2022
Professional Accountant Fined for Unprofessional Conduct

In Nguyen (Re), 2021 ABCPA 14, an accountant had to pay fines for advertising and conducting public accounting in Alberta without proper registration

4 April 2022
Professor of a university sitting on a desk
Professor Seeks Judicial Review Over Denial of Promotion

An Associate Professor who was denied promotion to full Professor appealed Brandon University’s denial decision to court and had it overturned.

15 September 2021

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