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ALRB Finds Management Did Not Taint Union Revocation Application

In Steelworkers Local 7226 v Certain EEs of Vitafoam, 2024 ALRB 17, the ALRB denied the Union argument that management had tainted a revocation application

26 February 2024
Union Settlement Bars Employee Discrimination Action

In Schifer v Edmonton, 2024 AHRC 1, a union entered a settlement for its membership and that caused the complaint to be dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal

22 January 2024
Employment Contracts Drafting and Review, including Negotiation by Calgary Employment Lawyers
Building Trades of Alberta Fails to Get Intervenor Status in DFR

In Mohamed v Unite Here Local 47, 2023 CanLii 78335, the Building Trades of Alberta failed to secure intervenor status in a DFR complaint.

5 October 2023
Premium Rate Hours Don’t Trigger Overtime: Grievance

In Unite Here v Horizon North, 2023 CanLii 46717 the grievors were not successful in having their premium rate hours count towards overtime.

3 July 2023
Female RT Sexually Harassed and Was Racist = Just Cause

In HSAA v AHS, 2023 CanLii 37831 (ABGAA), a female respiratory therapist with long service harassed a male coworker. Just cause for dismissal upheld.

19 June 2023
Bus Driver Teaches Passengers Lesson and Gets Fired

In Diversified Transportation v Teamsters Local 362, 2023 CanLii 32700, a bus driver slammed on the brakes to scare the passengers into sitting down

12 June 2023
Workplace Investigations by Calgary Employment Lawyers Being Investigated
Untangling the Impact of Horrocks on Human Rights Law In Alberta

This article aims to untangle the jurisdictional web of Horrocks in Alberta as considered by the AHRC and the Courts in Blackie, Grewal and Prodaniuk

30 May 2023
Paramedics Warned For Slow Response Win Grievance

In AHS v HSAA, 2023 Canlii 21614 (Lehmond and Middleton), two paramedics were given written warnings for a response time. That was overturned.

11 April 2023
I Know What You Did… Over Your Lunch Break

In Teamsters v Sobeys, 2023 CanLii 4464 (AB GAA), a grievance arbitrator ruled that Sobeys was allowed to have video cameras in the staff lunchroom

6 February 2023
No Just Cause Despite Touching Bum and Torso and Not Admitting It

In AUPE, 2022 CanLii 100939 (AB GAA) Oct 31, 2022), an arbitration panel found no cause where an employee touched a co-worker inappropriately and then denied it

7 November 2022
Alberta Post Incident Drug Test Unreasonable Invasion of Employee Privacy

In Fort Mckay Logistics, Fort McMurray Teamsters, 2022 CanLii 78227 (P Smith), an employee failed a post-incident drug test but cause was not upheld

19 September 2022
Sexual Assault Grievance Timelines Not Always Extended in Alberta

In Alberta v AUPE, 2022 CanLii 45552, an Alberta Arbitrator found he did not have authority to extend CA grievance timelines in sexual assault case.

8 August 2022

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