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ABCJ Ignores Probation Clause Where Employer Did No Review

In Holmes v Progressive Wellsite, 2023 CarswellAlta 3273, the Alberta Court of Justice found wrongful dismissal despite a probationary termination clause

12 February 2024
Employment contract guide by award-winning workplace law firm, Bow River Law LLP.
Employment Contract Guide by Award-Winning Calgary Workplace Law Firm

Looking to navigate the complexities of employment contracts? Our comprehensive guide, brought to you by an award-winning Calgary workplace law…

8 February 2024
Professional Discipline – ABCA Case on Penalty and Evidence Standards

In CPAA v Mathison, 2024 ABCA 33, the maj of the Alberta Court of Appeal substituted a license revocation for suspension. Dissent said no misconduct

5 February 2024
What are Employees Obligated to Do in Calgary Workplace?
Sleeping is Working Under the Alberta ESC

In Waggytails v Spysznyk (AB ESA), some employees who had slept as part of their ordinary night duties were deemed to have been working

29 January 2024
constructive dismissal employment law in calgary, alberta
Alberta Release of Human Rights Upheld on Judicial Review

In Caponero v AHRC and Kaizen Auto, 2024 ABKB 2, the ABKB found a termination release was not unconscionable

10 January 2024
Wrongful Dismissal Unjust Dismissal Process by Employment Lawyer in Calgary
Employment Dismissal: The High Price of Being Not Nice

In Koshman v Controlex Corporation, 2023 ONSC 7045, an employer was nasty in its termination of an employee, and the Court made an example of them

19 December 2023
New Alberta Resignation Wrongful Dismissal Case
New Alberta “Resignation” Wrongful Dismissal Case

In Stonham v Recycling Worx, 2023 ABKB 629, an employee was found to be wrongfully dismissed despite the employer argument that he resigned.

13 November 2023
Pregnancy Discrimination in Alberta Workplaces: A Guide

Pregnancy discrimination is a serious issue that can have devastating effects on pregnant individuals and their careers. In Alberta, Canada, there are…

2 November 2023
Employee Records Employer and Co-Workers For Ten Years = Just Cause

In Shalagin v Mercer Celgar, 2023 BCCA 373 the BCCA found the Employer had after-acquired just cause for dismissal as a result of secret recordings

23 October 2023
Dishonest Employee Hammered With Huge Judgment In Favor of Employer

Breen v Foremost Industries., 2023 ABKB 552 is a new Alberta decision where an employee sued for wrongful dismissal, but the employer turned the tables

13 October 2023
Workplace Investigations by Calgary Employment Lawyer Understand Your Rights in the Alberta Workplace.
OH&S Alberta Protections For Employees Reporting Harassment

In Re Pitman v Ichor Blood Services, 2023 CarswellAlta 2060, the ALRB upheld the OHS’ dismissal of an employee’s Discriminatory Action Complaint.

9 October 2023
Employer Fails to Prove Just Cause after Firing Employee Over Mask Violations

In Buchanan v. Weiss-Johnson Sheet Metal Ltd., 2023 ABCJ 207, an employer terminated its employee for cause for refusing to put on a mask at work.

2 October 2023

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