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Severance Review Services including Reasonable Notice Employment Law Services by Bow River Law LLP.
Plotnikoff Re-Affirms Key Employment Law Principles in Alberta

In Plotnikoff v Associated Engineering Alberta, 2023 ABCJ 200 (Higa) the Alberta Court of Justice awarded severance, rejecting two defenses

18 September 2023
Severance Review Negotiation legal services by employment lawyers in Calgary.
I’ll Avoid Your Employees If You Avoid Mine

Competition Act changes came into effect in June, 2023, which make it a criminal conspiracy to enter no-poaching and price fixing deals with other employers

28 August 2023
Constructive Dismissal Process by Calgary Lawyers Bow River Law LLP.
NSCA Case On Reasonable Notice For Seasonal Workers

In Elmsdale Landscaping v Hiltz, 2003 NSCA 56, a sod worker was constructively dismissed and got 12 months severance despite refusing to return to work

21 August 2023
Did Your Employer Breach Your Contract? You may need Calgary Workplace Lawyers.
Staffing Agency Paid Construction Employee Wrong Vacation Pay

In Tips Staffing v Irish, 2023 CanLii 67896 (AB ESA), the ALRB found that an employee dispatched to construction sites is a construction employee

14 August 2023
Severance Review by Lawyers in Calgary including Incentive Pay Services.
ABKB Case Says McAllister Does Not Mean No Schedule C

Grimes v University of Lethbridge, 2023 ABKB 432 (Graesser) Says Schedule C Is Still Starting Point For Costs Awards

24 July 2023
Employee Sued By Calgary Employer Law Services by Employment Lawyers in Alberta.
ESC Consequences Of Breaching Job Protected Leave

In Tammy Nicholson Prof Corp v Shoker, 2023 CanLii 52612, an Alberta employee was terminated while on sick leave and was awarded severance.

10 July 2023
Alberta Recognizes New Tort of Harassment!

AHS v Johnston, 2023 ABKB 209 (Feasby) recognizes a new tort of Harassment in Alberta, which could be used in employment law cases

28 May 2023
Severance Review by Lawyers in Calgary including Incentive Pay Services.
ACJ Case Illustrates the Cost of Being Rude

Lutz v Fabian Seeds Farms, 2023 ABCJ 109 is an Alberta case where an employee and employer learned that being rude in court has a price

22 May 2023
ABKB Gives Guidance on Layoff, Termination, Mitigation and Bias

In Northern Air Charter v Dunbar, 2023 ABKB 171, the Alberta Court of King’s Bench dealt with many employment law issues and dismissed a PC appeal

31 March 2023
Alberta Overtime Case With Big Implications In Employment Law

Scheffler v Mourtis Trucking Ltd., 2023 ABKB 139 is a case where an Alberta court allowed an overtime claim to stretch back further than 6 months

15 March 2023
Employer Fails in Attempt to “Change Horses” To Just Cause

In Alayew v Council for Advancement of African Canadians, 2023 ABKB 113, an employer fired without cause and was not allowed to change its mind

2 March 2023
Two men discussing the constructive dismissal of an employee.
Verbal Contract of 5 Yr Term Chosen Over Later Written Term

In Dornan v New Brunswick, 2023 CanLII 10433 (NB LA), an arbitrator found a 5 year fixed term, and ruled a contrary written contract unenforceable

27 February 2023

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