Employment Standards

Who Do You Work For? The One With The Money!

In 1605511 Alberta Ltd. v Director of Employment Standards, several different corporations were found to be a single employer for termination pay

16 April 2024
What are Employees Obligated to Do in Calgary Workplace?
Sleeping is Working Under the Alberta ESC

In Waggytails v Spysznyk (AB ESA), some employees who had slept as part of their ordinary night duties were deemed to have been working

29 January 2024
Not Inviting Employee To Return After COVID Leave = Constructive Dismissal

In Calgary Climbing Centre v Jones, 2023 CanLII 76366 (AB ESA), an employee put on COVID leave was found to be dismissed when not later recalled

10 September 2023
Did Your Employer Breach Your Contract? You may need Calgary Workplace Lawyers.
Staffing Agency Paid Construction Employee Wrong Vacation Pay

In Tips Staffing v Irish, 2023 CanLii 67896 (AB ESA), the ALRB found that an employee dispatched to construction sites is a construction employee

14 August 2023
Employee Sued By Calgary Employer Law Services by Employment Lawyers in Alberta.
ESC Consequences Of Breaching Job Protected Leave

In Tammy Nicholson Prof Corp v Shoker, 2023 CanLii 52612, an Alberta employee was terminated while on sick leave and was awarded severance.

10 July 2023
Alberta Overtime Case With Big Implications In Employment Law

Scheffler v Mourtis Trucking Ltd., 2023 ABKB 139 is a case where an Alberta court allowed an overtime claim to stretch back further than 6 months

15 March 2023
EE Constructively Dismissed, Didn’t Resign, No Just Cause

In G Force Oilfield v Winter, 2022 (AB ESA), constructive dismissal was found despite evidence the employee resigned amidst a spat with his boss

23 January 2023
Alberta ESC Appeal Confirms Continuous Employment In Asset Sale

In Certified Redi-Mix v L’Hirondelle (2022) (AB ESA), an employee’s years of service for calculating severance were not affected by the sale of the plant

10 October 2022
Labour Board Clarifies Who Qualifies as Supervisory for OT Exemption

CSS Office Furniture Systems v Burns, 2022 CanLii 72131 is a new Alberta case where an employee in a supervisory capacity still received overtime

12 September 2022

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