Charter Challenges not Enough to Stop University Vaccine Policy

Seneca College, 2022 ONSC 5111 is an Ontario case where students failed to get an injunction to stop a university COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

26 September 2022
Employee Refusing Mask Put on Leave = Not Constructive Dismissal

In Benke v Loblaw Companies, 2022 ABQB 461, an employee who refused to wear a mask was put on unpaid leave but it was not constructive dismissal.

18 July 2022
Religion Successfully Used for Employee’s COVID-19 Vax Refusal

In Public Health Sudbury v ONA, 2022 CanLii 48440, a nurse was able to claim a religious / creed exemption from a COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

11 July 2022
verigen v ensemble
COVID Economic Downturn Not Frustration of Employment Contract

Verigen v Ensemble Travel, 2021 BCSC 1934, is a new case where an employer had to pay severance despite decline in business due to COVID

7 March 2022
OPG v PWU: Employer to Pay Cost of COVID-19 Rapid Tests

Ontario arbitration case found that an employer had to pay for rapid antigen tests for its unvaccinated employees.

22 November 2021
UFCW v Paragon: Employer’s Mandatory Vax Policy Upheld

UFCW v Paragon is a new Ontario decision where an arbitrator found that a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy imposed by an employer was valid.

15 November 2021
Nurse standing with a man and woman discussing medical issues
Employees Injured By Vaccination Have Options for Govt Support!

For employees who are required to get vaccinated for their job, in the unlikely event they are injured by the vaccine, there are options for coverage.

7 October 2021
A woman who is stressed out because of covid-19 lay-offs and dismissals
The Fogelman Case Affirms: COVID Lay-off is Constructive Dismissal

New Fogelman case our of Ontario says that a COVID lay-off is a constructive dismissal, making that the prevalent Canadian position in this developing area.

13 July 2021
A construction worker that has been affected by covid-19
COVID-19’s Impact on Job Search Efforts After Dismissal – Dexterra Case

Mohammed v Ag Dexterra is a case involving a high notice period for a short service employee, and a finding that COVID-19 made finding work harder.

2 June 2021
Employer Not Allowed to Play Dumb on Resignation
COVID Layoff Still Constructive Dismissal? – Ristanovic Case

Ristanovic Case in Ontario finds that COVID-19 Layoff was Constructive Dismissal.

17 May 2021

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