A construction worker that has been affected by covid-19
Shift Change and Lay-Off Discrimination in Alberta

Woods v North American, 2022 AHRC 26 is a new Alberta Human Rights Tribunal case where an employee with acid reflux was discriminated against

2 May 2022
A woman who is stressed out because of covid-19 lay-offs and dismissals
The Fogelman Case Affirms: COVID Lay-off is Constructive Dismissal

New Fogelman case our of Ontario says that a COVID lay-off is a constructive dismissal, making that the prevalent Canadian position in this developing area.

13 July 2021
Employer Not Allowed to Play Dumb on Resignation
COVID Layoff Still Constructive Dismissal? – Ristanovic Case

Ristanovic Case in Ontario finds that COVID-19 Layoff was Constructive Dismissal.

17 May 2021

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