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I’ll Avoid Your Employees If You Avoid Mine

Competition Act changes came into effect in June, 2023, which make it a criminal conspiracy to enter no-poaching and price fixing deals with other employers

28 August 2023
Injunction Application Fails – No Evidence of Continuing Breach

In M Fairbanks PC v TG Michelson PC, 2023 ABKB 53, an injunction application almost succeeded, but there was no evidence the breach was ongoing

13 February 2023
ABPC: Business Sale, Dismissal and Non-Solicit All In One Case!

In Eyford v Precision Forensics, 2022 ABPC 242, the Alberta Provincial Court found the employee was wrongfully dismissed and didn’t breach his non-solicit

5 December 2022
Two men discussing the constructive dismissal of an employee.
Resignation or Constructive Dismissal? Anton Pillar Overturned

Secure Resources v Wilson is a new Alberta case where the court overturned an Anton Pillar + injunction because the employer had not disclosed all the facts in court.

21 September 2021

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