Constructive Dismissal

Employment lawyer consultation guide written by Bow River Law LLP in Calgary, Alberta.
A Guide to Employment Lawyer Consultation in Calgary, Alberta

When facing employment issues, finding the right legal support is crucial. At Bow River Law, we offer experienced employment law…

10 July 2024
Workplace Gaslighting and Employment Law in Alberta

Uncover the insidious tactics of workplace gaslighting and explore the legal parameters available under Alberta employment law. In recent years,…

12 June 2024
constructive dismissal employment law in calgary, alberta
ABKB Rejects Argument that Credibility Prevents Summary Trial

In Zajicek v Intrapac (ABKB, 2024 Unreported), an Alberta Court found that summary trial was appropriate in a constructive dismissal case

4 March 2024
Employment contract guide by award-winning workplace law firm, Bow River Law LLP.
Employment Contract Guide by Award-Winning Calgary Workplace Law Firm

Looking to navigate the complexities of employment contracts? Our comprehensive guide, brought to you by an award-winning Calgary workplace law…

8 February 2024
How To Tell Contractor or Employee in Alberta.
Racist Comments In Team Meeting Not Poisoned Workplace

Tolentino v HMK Alberta, 2023 AHRC 112 is a case where an employer took steps to avoid a discrimination award after racist comments by one person

7 December 2023
ABCJ rules Employer’s Vax Policy Reasonable and Justifiable

Van Hee v Glenmore Inn, 2023 ABCJ 244 is an Alberta Court of Justice case where a constructive dismissal based on unpaid vaccination leave failed.

27 November 2023
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Constructive Dismissal in Alberta: The Ultimate Guide

In the realm of employment law, constructive dismissal is a concept that is both complex and consequential. For employees in…

24 September 2023
Not Inviting Employee To Return After COVID Leave = Constructive Dismissal

In Calgary Climbing Centre v Jones, 2023 CanLII 76366 (AB ESA), an employee put on COVID leave was found to be dismissed when not later recalled

10 September 2023
Constructive Dismissal Process by Calgary Lawyers Bow River Law LLP.
NSCA Case On Reasonable Notice For Seasonal Workers

In Elmsdale Landscaping v Hiltz, 2003 NSCA 56, a sod worker was constructively dismissed and got 12 months severance despite refusing to return to work

21 August 2023
ABKB Gives Guidance on Layoff, Termination, Mitigation and Bias

In Northern Air Charter v Dunbar, 2023 ABKB 171, the Alberta Court of King’s Bench dealt with many employment law issues and dismissed a PC appeal

31 March 2023
EE Constructively Dismissed, Didn’t Resign, No Just Cause

In G Force Oilfield v Winter, 2022 (AB ESA), constructive dismissal was found despite evidence the employee resigned amidst a spat with his boss

23 January 2023
Worker that has been injured and harassed by his employers
Mega Damages in Constructive Dismissal Case Involving Violence

In Osmani v Universal Structural Restorations, 2022 ONSC 6979, an employee was punched in the testicles and awarded damages against manager and employer

20 December 2022

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