Human Rights

AHRC Says Shop Talk Banter Not Always Discrimination

In Wentland v Pac Masonry, 2023 AHRC 95, the AHRT ruled that some of the negative treatment of a pansexual employee was not discrimination, some was

30 October 2023
Workplace Investigations by Calgary Employment Lawyers Being Investigated
Case Illustrates Discoverability Does Not Apply In Alberta Human Rights

Ng v Athabasca University, 2023 AHRC 94 (Oshionebo) is a new decision where a human rights complaint was barred for being filed too late

25 September 2023
constructive dismissal in calgary, alberta
Constructive Dismissal in Alberta: The Ultimate Guide

In the realm of employment law, constructive dismissal is a concept that is both complex and consequential. For employees in…

24 September 2023
Unconscious Racial Bias Found In Alberta Police Case

In John v Edmonton Police Service, 2023 AHRC 87, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal found unconscious bias on the basis of race in how force was used

4 September 2023
Severance Negotiation Process by Calgary Employment Lawyer at Bow River Law LLP.
AHRC Case Illustrates Value of Corroborating Evidence

In Iligan v 348373 Alberta Inc., 2023 AHRC 70, a family status discrimination case was dismissed because the employer had a corroborating witness

8 August 2023
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Firing Related to Disability, But No Discrimination Liability Found

In Swan v Syncrude Canada, 2023 AHRC 77, the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal found the dismissal was related to PTSD, but Syncrude was not responsible

3 August 2023
Workplace Investigations by Calgary Employment Lawyers Being Investigated
Union Application for Anonymization of Witnesses in AHRC Fails

In Stankovic v City of Edmonton, 2023 AHRC 73, CSU 52 tried unsuccessfully to anonymize its witness names and personal information

17 July 2023
School (Still) Tied Up In Discrimination Web: ABCA

Webber Academy v Alberta (HRC), 2023 ABCA 194, was the School’s Appeal on Competing Statutory Objectives: Secular School and Prayer

26 June 2023
Female RT Sexually Harassed and Was Racist = Just Cause

In HSAA v AHS, 2023 CanLii 37831 (ABGAA), a female respiratory therapist with long service harassed a male coworker. Just cause for dismissal upheld.

19 June 2023
Workplace Investigations by Calgary Employment Lawyers Being Investigated
Untangling the Impact of Horrocks on Human Rights Law In Alberta

This article aims to untangle the jurisdictional web of Horrocks in Alberta as considered by the AHRC and the Courts in Blackie, Grewal and Prodaniuk

30 May 2023
AHRC Says Context Needed In Accommodation Case

In Vashisht v CitiFinancial, 2023 AHRC 44, the Alberta human rights tribunal ruled that CitiFinancial did not discriminate on the basis of family status regarding childcare

15 May 2023
ABKB Gives AHRC Direction On Screening And Credibility

In Shodunke v Alberta (Human Rights Commission), 2023 ABKB 260, the Court defined the limits on the AHRC’s ability to dismiss cases without a hearing

7 May 2023

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