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Employer Making Up Misconduct Backfires Stupendously

In Chu v China Southern Airlines, 2023 BCSC 21, an employer tried to manufacture just cause for dismissal. The employee received big damages

9 January 2023
AHRC Decision Shows Its Hard For Employer to Get Costs Award

In Kahlon v CNRL, 2022 AHRC 140, the tribunal seemed to condemn the complainant’s failure to comply with a production order but didn’t rule on costs.

3 January 2023
Worker that has been injured and harassed by his employers
Mega Damages in Constructive Dismissal Case Involving Violence

In Osmani v Universal Structural Restorations, 2022 ONSC 6979, an employee was punched in the testicles and awarded damages against manager and employer

20 December 2022
Can I Record That? Admissibility of Recordings in Employment Cases

In Rooney v GSL Chevrolet, 2022 ABKB 813, an employee secretly recorded a meeting. The Court ruled it was admissible evidence.

13 December 2022
ABPC: Business Sale, Dismissal and Non-Solicit All In One Case!

In Eyford v Precision Forensics, 2022 ABPC 242, the Alberta Provincial Court found the employee was wrongfully dismissed and didn’t breach his non-solicit

5 December 2022
Eggs With A Side of Discrimination

Korkomaz v Cora Breakfast and Lunch, 2022 AHRC 126, is a new Alberta Human Rights decision where a cook was fired after providing a doctor’s note

28 November 2022
Old Evidence Not Barred By Limitations In Constructive Dismissal

In HFX Broadcasting v Cochrane, 2022 NSCA 67, an employer failed to have old evidence of harassment disallowed in constructive dismissal case

21 November 2022
ONCA Provides Guidance on Duty to Mitigate In Wrongful Dismissal

In Lake v La Presse, 2022 ONCA 742, the court said it was ok that the employee declined to search for lesser replacement jobs.

14 November 2022
No Just Cause Despite Touching Bum and Torso and Not Admitting It

In AUPE, 2022 CanLii 100939 (AB GAA) Oct 31, 2022), an arbitration panel found no cause where an employee touched a co-worker inappropriately and then denied it

7 November 2022
ABCA Slaps Down Another Professional Discipline Costs Order

In Jinnah v Alberta Dental Association, 2022 ABCA 336, the Alberta Court of Appeal provided direction on costs orders in professional discipline cases

31 October 2022
Highest AHRT Award for Pain and Suffering?

In McCharles v Jaco Line Contractors, 2022 AHRC 115, the Alberta Human Rights Commission awarded $50,000 in pain and suffering for sexual harassment

24 October 2022
AHRT: Employer Requiring Medical Docs for RTW Not Discrimination

Hansen v City of Calgary, 2022 AHRC 112 is an Alberta human rights case where an employee unsuccessfully argued failure to accommodate

17 October 2022
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