Employment Contracts

Defective Release Found to Prevent Human Rights Complaint

An employee signed a release which was arguably problematic, but he was still prevented from bringing an Alberta human rights discrimination complaint.

4 January 2022
Disgruntled woman receiving improper pay.
Fixed-Term Fiasco: Rice v Shell (ABCA)

In Rice v Shell, the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld a large severance award based on the employee being on a definite-term contract.

16 December 2021
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The Matthews Hammer Swings Again: Termination Clause Ignored

Humphrey v Mene is a new Ontario case where a termination clause was invalidated in part because of an employer breach of the employment contract

12 October 2021
Man and woman discussing fixed term employees.
Breaking the Fixed Term! New Koutsikaloudis Case In Alberta

An 18-year teacher who had 1 year contracts was considered an indefinite term employee entitled to severance plus aggravated damages for breach of duty of good faith. Litigated by our very own Sarah Coderre.

3 May 2021
Employment Contracts Under Attack!: Waksdale v Swegon North America is Stirring things Up

Why Employment Contracts are Under Attack In the world of employment law, legal counsel like us at Bow River Law…

9 April 2021

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