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Pregnant woman under stress from employer.
Daigle Appeal Rejects Johnstone / Clarifies Family Status Discrimination

ABCA says employee making choice of childcare is irrelevant to whether employer’s new schedule is prima facie discriminatory to that employee.

18 June 2021
Woman receiving a letter confirming a dismissal from her job.
Employers Beware of Alleging Just Cause! The Ojanen case

An employer alleged just cause and acted harshly. It was slammed with a general damages award of $118,000 and a punitive damages award of $25,000.

7 June 2021
Man being fired from his job with no just cause.
Employees Under Attack! Jegou Helps Employers with Just Cause

Jegou is a new Alberta case which found just cause for dismissal of an on-site paramedic who handled a stroke incident poorly.

25 May 2021
Employer Not Allowed to Play Dumb on Resignation
COVID Layoff Still Constructive Dismissal? – Ristanovic Case

Ristanovic Case in Ontario finds that COVID-19 Layoff was Constructive Dismissal.

17 May 2021
Man receiving unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.
Sexual Harassment and Just Cause – The Dupont Case

Dupont v Ag Growth International, 2021 ABPC 118 is a new Alberta case about what level of sexual harassment is just cause for dismissal.

11 May 2021
Man and woman discussing fixed term employees.
Breaking the Fixed Term! New Koutsikaloudis Case In Alberta

An 18-year teacher who had 1 year contracts was considered an indefinite term employee entitled to severance plus aggravated damages for breach of duty of good faith. Litigated by our very own Sarah Coderre.

3 May 2021
currie appeal severance
Cracking the Severance Cap! New 26-Month Termination Notice Period Case

New Ontario case awards 26 months, cracking usual cap of 24 months!

26 April 2021
Employment Contracts Under Attack!: Waksdale v Swegon North America is Stirring things Up

Why Employment Contracts are Under Attack In the world of employment law, legal counsel like us at Bow River Law…

9 April 2021
Disgruntled woman receiving improper pay.
Constructive Dismissal Strikes Again! Kosteckyj A Win for Employees (Mostly)

A compensation cut was constructive dismissal, and the timing was the date of the cut.

7 April 2021
self-employed or employee
Human Rights Alberta- Kvaska case – Alcoholism and Human Rights Accommodation at Work

Kvaska v Gateway Motors (Edmonton) Ltd., 2020 AHRC 94, is an Alberta Human Rights Commission decision which came out at…

31 March 2021
Employers Under Attack! Matthews v Ocean (SCC): The Most Significant Employment Law Decision in a Decade?

Matthews v Ocean Nutrition, 2020 SCC 26 is a Supreme Court of Canada decision that came out at the end…

24 March 2021
Just Cause Under Attack! Haack v Secure Energy (Drilling Services) Inc Making It Harder for Employers to Get to Just Cause

The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench case Haack v Secure Energy (Drilling Services) Inc., 2021 ABQB 82 (Woolley J) is…

17 March 2021
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